So you need your high rise building painted! But where to start? High rise painting requires all the usual professional painting standards with the added difficulty of the sheer scale of the high rise and accessibility to consider.  Logistically it’s no easy feat.  Fortunately, through the use of abseiling access techniques you are able to achieve a professional standard while providing a highly cost effective solution; one where you aren't required to outlay money for scaffolding or swinging stages. Rope access is the answer, but what is rope access?

Rope access is a system designed to provide a safe technique for trained technicians to work at height with the use of ropes and related equipment, allowing access and support while in position. 

Access specialists are fully trained and have completed IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), or ARAA (Australian Rope Access Association), along with Safe at Heights accreditation. To further ensure the safety of technicians access specialists usually work in teams of two. By using two separate ropes with individual anchor points, specialists suspend themselves on the external side of the building that requires attention. Once suspended technicians are able to move both vertically and horizontally, this is often referred to as ‘Industrial abseiling’, and means they can access multiple areas during one set-up safely and effectively. 

Rope access provides many benefits when tackling high rise painting. The greatest benefit is providing the technician with a more effective and controlled work position. One where scaffolding isn’t impeding access to the building and where the technician is able to move with ease and finesse reaching every inch required.  Rope access alleviates public safety risks and also avoids interruption to building access ensuring workplaces can continue to operate with minimum impact and maximum productivity.

Another advantage in utilising trained rope specialists to paint your high rise is the reduction of cost and time involved in set up and removal of scaffolding.  By using industrial rope access you will be able to receive a service at a cost that is a reflection of the actual work being done,  rather than paying for other means of access to be assembled and dismantled.

Simply, when needing high rise painting, rope access provides skilled, detailed work to be completed in a cost-effective, efficient manner by fully trained access technicians employing the safest system available. There is no better choice than rope access.