Maintaining a modern high rise is no easy task. There are many specific maintenance tasks on a high rise that need to be completed regularly, including window cleaning, inspections and even structural repair. The taller the building the more difficult these tasks become.

Some maintenance solutions can cause problems for your business. These include the cost of maintenance, the obtrusiveness of equipment required and the security risks.

Common Options

There are a few ways different ways that maintenance for a high rise can be completed.

Cherry pickers and scaffolding are the most commonly used methods to get high access. These require a lot of time to set up and will often block pavements and parking areas. The cherry picker uses a crane to bring a technician closer to the building. It is a slow process that is often ineffective because the platform that they stand in blocks areas that need to be cleaned and may ultimately be missed.

Scaffolding will often require permits before setting up and can take weeks to just set up and break down. Both options also pose major safety and security risks.

Rope Access Alternative

Rope Access is the safest and most secure way to have building maintenance accomplished quickly and affordably.  Rope access technicians don’t have to apply for permits. They just cordon off the area then start the job that same day.

Abseiling technicians don’t bring any major equipment to get the job done. They are secured with two ropes, each of them anchored separately to eyebolts on the building. Several technicians work at once and are always close at hand in the event of an emergency.

Rope access allows a building to keep the traffic going in and out of the building without all of the safety and security risks. It’s as simple as the technicians coming in on their ropes. They have all of their tools attached to them and they work down from the top of the building instead of the bottom so that there are no disruptions to the area. There are no trip hazards and nothing to block car parks and pavements.

With scaffolding, it stays up for weeks if not months. And the work isn’t going on twenty-four hours, so it just stays in place. Hiring a security guard to monitor the building to prevent theft is just another cost on top of what you are already paying and is an unnecessary cost. Compared to Scaffolding, Rope access is the most viable option.


One of the main pitfalls of maintaining a modern high rise is the costs of all of the maintenance work. The only way to do that is to eliminate most of the costs.

When you hire a scaffolding company, you pay for the permits, the scaffolding itself, the setup and breakdown of the scaffolding and then for the installers. That adds up to a lot of money, most of which is completely unnecessary.

With rope access, there are no expenses for permits or equipment. You pay only for the technicians. The materials used are the highest quality in the industry because they can afford to give that to the customers. When all that’s involved are some ropes and pulleys, the cost of doing business is significantly lower and those savings are passed on to the customer.

Choosing the right Rope Access Company

Rope access companies are becoming more recognised and in demand.

When choosing a rope access company, ensure that the technicians are trained in what you need. They’ll be able to ascend and descend the high rise with no problem, but if you want more than just windows washed, you need to make sure the technicians have that skill set.

The outcome is a better quality job at a significantly lesser cost. There is no need to take the chance with safety and security. The job will be done quickly with minimum interruption so that you can get on with your business knowing that your building maintenance is taken care of.